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I am Grateful


Well I am back! You could say I was on a long vacation.  Hope all is well with you!  I am grateful to have my health and the opportunity to live my life to the fullest.  Looking forward to many great reads from others who post and leave comments.

Happy Independence Day!!

Opportunity to celebrate the holiday and to create declarations for your life.  What would you like to declare for yourself starting now.  Recommend selecting a particular area:  relationships, health, family, finances, or ____________.

Select and write down one category and 3 specific goals you would like to see happen.  Now take one specific goal and make a declaration.  For example if it’s health and your goal is to lose weight, then your declaration could possibly be I declare I will weigh ____ pounds.  Keep it simple!!  Say your declaration 5 times everyday.  Next post will be about setting up specific actions to support your declaration.

Hello world!

The reason I started this blog, truthfully it was part of the marketing program that I’m setting up and it’s one great way to communicate to the world!

I’m always looking for the how to books.  When I don’t know something, I just go to the internet and get instant information! However, I assert the best how to ebook is the one in which you are the author and main character.  Categories will be all the areas of your life and the specific journeys! You are the one who edits and publishes the pages for the world.  Searching for the answers is part of the unfolding journey.  Then there’s the discovery that all the answers are within you just waiting to be revealed!!

I like to welcome you to my how to ebook!